Back pain treatment

The back provides support for the head and trunk of the body, strength in the trunk, flexibility and movement. The upper back has the most structural support while the lower back allows for flexibility and movement while bending forwards and backwards.

Low Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is often the result of incorrect lifting techniques and poor posture.

People with low back pain might experience limitations in one or more of the following: standing, sitting, lifting, bending, kneeling and running. The physical limitation will depend on the particular injury and its severity.

Sedentary lifestyles often lead to weak glute, hamstring and abdominal muscles. This causes the muscles that have remained strong to pull the body out of optimal anatomical form. This muscular imbalance will cause people to continue to lift things incorrectly and this misplaced force application within the spine may result in damage to vertebral discs.

If you experience back pain because of this muscular imbalance, you should undertake a program to strengthen the weak muscles of the glutes, hamstrings and abdominals.

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Client Testimonial

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