Group Training

Training in a group can be a great way to get fit.

It can also save you money and, give you extra support and motivation.

Our group training is not like other group training you may have tried out. You won't find yourself doing the same session as everyone else in the group but will instead be doing your own individual exercises under the guidance of a Myofunction personal trainer.  Our trainers will push you, progress you and ensure you are on the way to reaching your goals.

How it works

Our group training programs involve an initial commitment of 12 weeks, including a comprehensive fitness assessment so you can track your progress.  In this initial assessment, we find out about your goals, your exercise preferences, your fitness level and any injuries.

You'll then get a personalized plan every session targeted to your goals and ability. This means that even if you have an injury or are new to exercise, you can take part in our group training as it is not a one size fits all approach.

How it's different from 1:1 training

When you train in a group, you do need to be more accountable for how hard you train compared to a closely supervised one to one session.

On the other hand, it can also be fun training with someone you know.  Some of our clients choose to participate in group sessions alongside a friend, partner or family member.  Remember, you'll be doing individual exercises so you don’t have to be at the same fitness level or ability. Training with someone else can also help you maintain good diet and exercise habits in between sessions.

The below schedule outlines the many different days and times our group sessions are available.  All sessions are kept to a maximum of 8 people. 

Call or text Emma to discuss your training needs today - 0415 176 190.

Studio Offers



Get Started: 3 x one-on-one personal training sessions for $69.


Bring A Friend: 3 x two-on-one personal training sessions for $117.





Bring A Friend*: turn 3 x one-on-one personal training sessions into two-on-one for free!


*Not a current client.

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