Knee Injury

Generally there are two types of knee injury: inflammatory and mechanical. Inflammatory injuries, such as osteoarthritis, occur as a result of long-term wear and tear on the parts of the knee, while mechanical injuries occur as a result of impact.

Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome (pain in knee cap)

This is a mechanical injury, often seen in runners, that tends to develop due to an impact to the knee or as a result of overuse. The pain associated with this disorder is a result of the kneecap not tracking smoothly in the groove of the underlying bone.

Symptoms include pain in and around the kneecap when sitting or squatting and when walking up and down stairs.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is often cased by weak quadriceps muscles and tight hamstrings, iliotibial bands (ITB), calf or hip muscles. If this is the case, treatment is based around exercises to strengthen the quadriceps and regular stretching of the tight muscle groups.

If you have a knee injury, call us on (03) 9387 0800 to find out how we can help.

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