Our Equipment

Our spacious personal training studio in Brunswick contains all the equipment you need for a fun, varied full-body workout:

20 METRE RUNNING TRACK: An Olympic quality running track perfect for those who are preparing for a beep test as part of a physical entrance exam for the Police Force or Defence Force, or for improving sports performance or general conditioning.

KETTLEBELLS: Kettlebells [link: Advice > Kettlebell training] are a deceptively simple piece of equipment, yet they incorporate a full complement of cardiovascular, resistance and weight control benefits. They will improve strength, stamina, flexibility and core strength.

CLUBBELLS: The clubbell is a bit like a kettlebell in that it has a displaced center of mass but because of the leverage created by its length and weight, is unparalleled in its efficacy for developing shoulders, wrists and grip strength. The Clubbell is an excellent shoulder rehabilitation tool because it develops strength, endurance and flexibility through extreme ranges of motion. It will also develop tremendous rotator cuff strength and is therefore a must for anyone serious about their golf, cricket, swimming, tennis, baseball, squash, wrestling, baseball or martial arts.

BOSU: A Bosu looks like a Swissball cut in half. Bosu training is about expanding movement capabilities, reshaping bodies and strengthening minds. It's used for training balance, enhancing flexibility and core strength, building total body strength, and fine‐tuning skills for sport.

GYMNASTIC RINGS: Ring training has been an Olympic sport for decades and has been widely regarded as the most difficult gymnastics discipline. Its this style of unstable bodyweight training that helps gymnasts develop some of the strongest pound for pound upper bodies in all of sport.

TRX: Taking bodyweight training to the next level. TRX suspension training builds total body strength, balance, flexibility and core stability for people of all fitness levels.

SWISSBALL: Using a Swissball will improve posture, balance and core strength. It will also increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

CABLES: Cables are a unique kind of functional equipment, in that you can perform exercise with minimal shear force through the spine. This makes cable exercises perfect for people with back injury. Working with cables will improve core strength, flexibility, and total body strength.

FREE WEIGHTS: Training with free weights improves strength. Unlike machines, free weights allow for a full range of movement, which in turn improves flexibility.

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Autumn Offers



Get Started: 3x one on one - personal training sessions for $69.


Bring a Friend: 3 x two on one - personal training sessions for $117.

Wellness Ideas

Functional 45 Minute Workouts

At Myofunction we determined 10 years ago that the 45 minute workout is the best for getting results in endurance strength gains and for weight loss. Over the last 10 years we have perfected the 45 minute workout to get you great results as well as keeping it fresh and interesting. We are constantly educating ourselves on the best techniques from around the world to give our clients constant improvements and variety. 

Client Testimonial

Dr Jennifer Guy (Osteopath), Ascot Vale

Training at gyms. I'd usually get either extremely bored or sore because of lack of technique. Training with Emma has completely changed my approach to weight training. We have been able to isolate my areas of weakness and then work...

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