Our Trainers

Emma Laitala

Emma has been a personal trainer for over 12 years. She has a background in science, psychology and martial arts.

As a mother of two, Emma understands the challenges that women face in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. She specializes in helping people who are new to exercise, returning after a break or after having a baby. Emma's clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages. What they have in common is the desire to develop a regular exercise habit and challenge themselves like never before.

Emma has a passion for functional training and is qualified as a Functional Patterns Instructor (Cert I). This means helping you increase fitness, improve strength, correct postural imbalances and move better with less pain so that you can live a more productive and enjoyable life.

Emma is also an accredited wellness coach. Through coaching, she gives her clients tools to address the behaviours that stop them living a healthy lifestyle. She helps them develop sustainable habits across exercise, diet and stress management so they can enjoy happier, healthier lives.

Michael Wheeler

Michael has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years, including 18 months as a Personal Training Manager. As one of Australia's few certified kettlebell teachers, Michael trains other personal trainers in using kettlebells effectively as part of their training programs.

Michael specializes in working with people who are already doing some form of exercise, but want to push themselves further - whether training for an event, building strength, or simply bringing more variety and fun into their fitness routine.

Michael's interest in exercise grew out of his work with his daughter, who has a physical disability. Helping his daughter lead a more fulfilled life meant delving deep into the latest research on how the body works. Michael uses the knowledge he has gained to tailor exercise programs for people with other physical challenges, such as serious back injuries.

Chat with Emma today about your fitness needs - 0415 176 190.

Autumn Offers



Get Started: 3x one on one - personal training sessions for $69.


Bring a Friend: 3 x two on one - personal training sessions for $117.

Wellness Ideas

Functional 45 Minute Workouts

At Myofunction we determined 10 years ago that the 45 minute workout is the best for getting results in endurance strength gains and for weight loss. Over the last 10 years we have perfected the 45 minute workout to get you great results as well as keeping it fresh and interesting. We are constantly educating ourselves on the best techniques from around the world to give our clients constant improvements and variety. 

Client Testimonial

Dr Jennifer Guy (Osteopath), Ascot Vale

Training at gyms. I'd usually get either extremely bored or sore because of lack of technique. Training with Emma has completely changed my approach to weight training. We have been able to isolate my areas of weakness and then work...

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