Posture is a reflection of a person's life choices. By that I mean our posture -  the way we hold our body upright against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down - is indicative of many of the choices we have made. These choices include our occupation, which sport we play, what hobbies we have, and so on.

As we age, some of those choices (whether slouching at our desk 9 hours a day or cycling 250 plus kilometres a week) will create muscular imbalances, which can lead to joint degeneration and pain, spinal dysfunction, headaches and more.

There are five types of postural alignment that deviate from ideal alignment:

  • Kyphosis: excessive outward curvature of the upper spine
  • Lordosis: excessive inward curvature of the lower spine
  • Flat Back: loss of curvature of the lower spine
  • Scoliosis: sideways curvature of the spine
  • Sway Back: combination of flat back and kyphosis

The good news is that you can improve your posture by making a few lifestyle adjustments, and with the help of a thorough strengthening and stretching program.

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Functional 45 Minute Workouts

At Myofunction we determined 10 years ago that the 45 minute workout is the best for getting results in endurance strength gains and for weight loss. Over the last 10 years we have perfected the 45 minute workout to get you great results as well as keeping it fresh and interesting. We are constantly educating ourselves on the best techniques from around the world to give our clients constant improvements and variety. 

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Maria Draicchio, Fawkner

Before starting at MyoFunction, I was absolutely adamant that I wasn’t interested in any form of strenuous exercise. However, my sister had been attending MyoFunction already for 6 months, and I saw her looking incredible week after week!...

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