Pre and post natal fitness

Most women now understand the benefits of being fit and healthy before and after having a baby.

At MyoFunction, we've helped many women keep up their fitness during pregnancy. We take into account the risks involved with exercise and pregnancy, and manage those risks so that mother and baby are kept safe. With the correct guidance, you can get many benefits out of exercising while pregnant.

Once the baby is born, we understand how difficult it is to get back into shape and particularly to get your core muscles functioning again. At MyoFunction, we've helped many women feel strong and fit again. We specialize in getting the core muscles strong again, to prevent back pain and postural issues later on. Being fit helps women cope with the demands of being a mother.

If you're pregnant or you've recently had a baby, we can help you stay fit and healthy. Contact us on (03) 9387 0800 to find out more.

Autumn Offers



Get Started: 3x one on one - personal training sessions for $69.


Bring a Friend: 3 x two on one - personal training sessions for $117.

Wellness Ideas

Functional 45 Minute Workouts

At Myofunction we determined 10 years ago that the 45 minute workout is the best for getting results in endurance strength gains and for weight loss. Over the last 10 years we have perfected the 45 minute workout to get you great results as well as keeping it fresh and interesting. We are constantly educating ourselves on the best techniques from around the world to give our clients constant improvements and variety. 

Client Testimonial

Anita Bennell, Footscray

Michael and Emma have been fantastic in training me throughout my pregnancy. Their knowledge and support gave me the confidence to continue training, knowing that I was not causing harm to myself or my baby-to-be. I wanted to maintain a healthy...

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