Kettlebell Training

Why train with kettlebells?

Weight loss: Peripheral Heart Training (PHA) creates uninterrupted blood flow throughout the body without a rest between sets. This allows you to do a lot more work in a shorter period of time than normal.

Increased strength of the posterior chain: Kettlebell training has a major emphasis on the muscles of the posterior chain. The posterior chain of muscles includes hamstrings, glutes, erector spinae and trapezius.

People often neglect the posterior chain of muscles while training, which leads to muscular imbalances and ultimately dysfunction in the body. Kettlebell lifting ensures these muscles are trained effectively.

Kettlebell training teaches the body how to create and absorb force from the hips. For many of the ballistic or dynamic kettlebell lifts you are required to produce force from the hips on the upward or pull phase of the lift, then absorb that force through the hips on the down or push phase.

This ability to produce and absorb force through the hips is lacking in most people's training. Without this ability, loads will be redirected to other parts of our body, mainly the lower back, which in turn leads to pain and dysfunction.

Tension regulation: Effective kettlebell lifting requires the body to produce and reduce tension (force) while performing lifts. Inability to do so will have a negative effect on training variables such as strength and endurance. This is one reason why kettlebell training is unparalleled for increasing athletic and functional performance.

Both in sport and in everyday life, people need to be able to accelerate (apply force), decelerate (reduce force) and change direction (re‐direct force) quickly and repeatedly. Kettlebell training applies these principles with most exercises.

Increased motor control and co­ordination: With the displaced centre of mass of the kettlebell making it “alive” in your hands and the explosive nature of many kettlebell lifts, you will see an increase in your co‐ordination and motor control.

Variety and versatility: As long as exercises are done correctly and safely there is an unlimited number of exercises to choose from for each workout. You're only limited by your imagination. Because you can train your entire body with just one kettlebell, it is basically a gym you can take anywhere with you.

To find out more about how kettlebell training can help you reach your fitness goals, call us on (03) 9387 0800.

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