Myofunction has over 30 years of collective personal training experience

Lead trainers, Emma and Michael, have run thousands of sessions with a diverse range of clients ranging from elite athletes to elderly grandparents recovering from injury. Myofunction has helped many clients lead healthier lifestyles with their fitness and nutrition getting them the results they were after.

During our time in the fitness industry, we have continued to upskill ourselves and work with world leading fitness professionals to ensure they stay at the forefront of training methods and what really works.

Myofunction trainers utilise WeckMethod training philosophies – which is WITHOUT DOUBT the single best training modality available today! We are at the forefront of a new Training Method that is gaining world wide notoriety.

If you want to drastically improve everything you do in and out of the gym then Myofunction and learning fundamental WeckMethod principles is your only choice. You will gain strength, loose unwanted body fat and improve your performance at anything you wish to do.

We’d love to meet you and give you a tour of our fantastic studio!  Call us on (03) 9387 0800 to discuss your training needs today.

  • We are the only WeckMethod qualified training studio in Australia and create INDIVIDUALISED PROGRAMS for you EVERY SESSION!  If you like variety, progression, getting fundamentally better at everything you do and a tailored approach to your training – you’ll love Myofunction Studio!
  • WeckMethod training solves problems such as pain and injury with fundamental principles that can benefit anyone with a focus on human biomechanics, not just exercise.
  • WeckMethod foundational principles are rooted in the relentless pursuit of improving locomotion and human optimisation for EVERYONE by enhancing one’s primal elements both athletically and aesthetically.
  • WeckMethod is taking U.S professional sports and running by storm, be among the first to experience the ONLY training that matters. It will become the foundation of every sports participant in the future.
  • We focus on FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH that will fundamentally make you better at everything you do.
  • We have collectively over 35 years experience in the fitness industry.
  • We love the INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT of our Brunswick studio.  New to exercise?  Not comfortable in regular gym environments?  No problems!  We welcome everyone!
  • Increase your SELF CONFIDENCE the right way.  Transform yourself physically, mentally and emotionally as you grow stronger, inside and out!

Call Emma to discuss your individual training needs on 9387 0800.