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One word – WOW!!! I have struggling with a knee injury and tentative to weight base fully. I was skeptical to exercise on it but I did not feel pain or discomfort doing all the exercises full on and my knee feels so much better afterward, no niggles. I am stocked and had so much fun.

MARISA, April 2019

I love the new approach. I find that it’s a great/ intense workout, all the while being really fun! The session allowed me to push myself harder than ever which is both mentally and physically satisfying. (This was after Jane’s first session with WeckMethod training.)

JANE, March 2019

Found it hard as well as benefical. By focusing on the points that I needed to I found I got more out of the exercise and felt great afterwards. They are tough exercises, but I could feel the difference in how I was using the maximum amount of energy I could. Great workout.

KAT, March 2019

“The intensity of the coaching aspect was huge. I felt like a professional athlete being coached and over the session must have got an extra 15-20% out of it.” (This was after Rowan’s first session with Weck Method training).

ROWAN, March 2019

I’m excited for the weeks to come. Feeling more efficient with movement and more connected throughout my whole body.

JACKSON, March 2019

I’d had years of treatment and professionally supervised exercise regimes for a back injury and scoliosis. None of it got to the core of the injury and I kept relapsing. It was frustrating to not see results and still be experiencing pain, whilst just watching my body get weaker. After one session with Emma I knew I’d found someone that could help – she easily pinpointed where the weakness was and showed me how to move differently to get a different result – I felt relief after just that one session! Now the dollars I used to spend on physio and osteo gets channelled into making myself stronger and fitter and I love it! I’m not very ‘sporty’ and I hate regular gyms, but Myofunction Studio is relaxed and the members are very easy going. Couldn’t recommend it more to anybody who has experienced an injury or ongoing musculo-skeletal pain.

BRENDA, November 2018

I’ve been training at Myofunction for the past two years. I came in wanting to lose a ton of weight but learnt to build a body that is strong and pain-free instead. You can’t out-train a bad diet and I am testament to that. Making the decision to invest in regular training instead of coverups (baggy clothes, hair, makeup) has been a huge game changer for me. On the mornings I train – I’m happier, more alert, and much more productive. As someone who is not naturally athletic, I’m constantly amazed by my body’s ability to move and feel better. Big thanks to Emma (and the team) for facilitating this journey!

REBECCA, November 2018

At 29yo I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain and stiffness for years. I have tried to get it manipulated, massaged, needled, stretched and medicated away without relief. After only 4 sessions with Emma working on building strength to correct my posture, I’m already feeling huge relief, much to my surprise and gratitude. I’m literally learning how to walk again and my body is thanking me for it and I’m happy knowing this is not just another quick fix but a long-term solution. I highly recommend Emma and Myofunction, not only is the training effective and professional but the vibe is supportive, fun and encouraging 🙂

SCARLET, August 2018

I’ve had back pain for about 15 years and saw a chiropractor weekly before I started training with Emma. 6 weeks on, I’m pain-free and without my chiropractor. Highly recommend Myofunction.

TARREN, July 2018

I am a runner who came to the studio with specific injuries from training and running half marathon last year. Emma’s focus on getting my posture right, and her personalised program and attentiveness to my condition had meant that I have not only gained strength but improved my posture and how I move. I ran 12 km last weekend without any pain and I have not seen my physio/osteo since I started with Emma 5 months ago!! I also like it that the training routines are always varied and not boring – it is motivating for me to turn up for training after a hard day at work 🙂

SHIAO-HUA, May 2018

I’ve always loved trying to keep fit but have to say I have never had results like what I get with Emma and Ben’s training. In the first three months, I had a flat tummy which I hadn’t had in 15 years! Posture has also improved out of site! They really know how different bodies work. Really well priced and great atmosphere too! 🙂

LEAH, April 2018

The trainers at Myofunction are amazing. I have always hated exercising and going to the gym so I’d gotten quite weak and injured. I’ve tried another personal trainer which was fine but working with Myofunction has made such a huge difference. After being plagued with back problems for 5 years due to terrible posture, which had been met with vague recommendations to do this or that exercise, Emma took me through a series of exercises at the gym with modifications to do them at home and I saw results in months. I can feel the muscles where I didn’t know muscles were meant to be and haven’t had a single back problem since. Emma isn’t afraid to push you for results, and she gets them. I’ve been going 2-3 times a week with my partner and sister for around 15 months. We’re a range of levels of fitness with different needs and issues but they tailor our exercises to match.

GRACE, January 2018

I have been working out with Emma for just over a year now and my body is stronger than it’s ever been. I have had numerous injuries and biomechanical issues throughout my life and Emma’s tailored program has made a massive difference to me. Emma really cares about her client’s and is always researching ways to make a difference. I am fitter and stronger than ever and highly recommend you give it a try. You won’t regret it.

ALISON, December 2017