Studies show that one-on-one training can speed up your results by 60%

This format suits people who:

  • Want to achieve their goals faster
  • Are recovering from an injury
  • Are returning to exercise after a break
  • Are new to exercise and need foundational technique

One-on-one training gives you the full attention of your trainer.  This ensures you work to your limit (and beyond if you’d like) while progressing quickly and learning lots of new exercises that will keep your body and mind stimulated.

Contact Emma to discuss your specific training needs on 0415 176 190.


Training in a small group is a great way to get fit. It gives you extra support and motivation whilst saving you money.

Our group PT sessions are capped at 6-8 people. Following a short group warmup, each person moves to their own training space to work through;

  • A personalised set of exercises that vary every session
  • A program suited to your body, unique abilities, and constraints
  • Continual adjustments to challenge you as you become more capable and confident
  • Flexibility to adapt your program to other sporting and physical goals

Want to train with your partner, friends, or colleagues?  Ongoing 1:2 or 1:3 personal training sessions can be scheduled on request.

Call the studio to discuss your training needs today – 9387 0800.

Need a Change: Boring is a word you never hear from Myofunction clients. We here at Myofunction aim to continually challenge your training so you are always progressing and improving.

Weekend Warrior: Fundamentals matter. Our aim is to make you fundamentally better at everything you do. So that when the weekend comes around you will continuously improve at your chosen sport.

High Performance:  Dynamic power, strength, improved athleticism, injury resilience. If you want to be among the first in Australia to see the training methods that are taking the MLB and the NFL by storm then come and see us at Myofunction Studio, the only Qualified Weck Method Trainer in Australia.

Kids and Juniors Group Training: You can’t spell fundamentals without the word FUN!  Our kids programs are designed to build on your child’s natural biomechanics – making them better movers and more resistance to injury for the rest of their lives. From pre-schoolers to High Schoolers it is never too early or late to get them started.