WeckMethod Running Clinic’s are changing the world. In 90 minutes how you run will forever change for the better. You are guaranteed to be a fundamentally better runner by the end of the clinic. Running will become easier and you will become a Stronger, Faster and more resilient runner for the rest of your life. Myofunction is the only accredited WM Running Clinic in Australia.

You will learn the fundamentals of running better which includes: Proper head, foot and hand positioning to maximise efficiency. Also to hit the ground harder with less repetitive stress on your body it actually feels easier once you learn how.

As part of the clinic you will learn how to use:

WECKMETHOD PULSES:The greatest invention in the history of human locomotion. Pulsing is faster. It’s more energy efficient. It puts less stress on your body. And it makes running one heck of a lot more fun. The Pulses increase your speed, agility and power unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

You will get to take a set of pulses home with you.